lundi 13 mars 2017

mh.t044 - Hanging Freud - Anomalies

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Paula and Jonathan from Hangin Freud have always been faithful to myhand.thanx records since the beginning, when we release "Sunken" in 2010. So, it is with joy, pleasure and a certain pride that we release "Anomalies" today!
The follow-up of "Motherland" is an EP, which contains 4 tracks. More precisely, 2 tracks and 2 interludes. So, I like to believe it has to be listened to as a whole, as if you were reading a poem or a short story. The repetitive and tribal beats echo in our heads long after the first listening, the frontier between industrial music and natural sounds is blurred, and the voice melts into the music, thus creating an intense and intemporal (and to a certain extent, universal) message to the listener. The music is "hanginfreudian" in a most wonderful and inspiring way. But, in these dark times, in this decaying political world context, it resonates like never before. We feel the urge of communicating a message before it's too late... REFUSE...



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