dimanche 25 novembre 2018

mh.t047 - Hanging Freud - Nowhere

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Myhand.thanx records were sleeping peacefully when they were suddenly awoken by an unknown buzzing noise... Unknown but also very familiar... "I know" opens Hanging Freud new album and the floor under your feet crumbles down... and you fall down, and down, and the album is like an endless jump into a comfortable darkness... Very oxymoronic, isn't it? It's what I said to Paula and Jonathan after listening to "Nowhere" it's dark and moving at the same time. Unknown and familiar. Scary and comforting. Electronic and organic.
I can't help thinking of some songs by My Bloody Valentine or Masfield.tya, but also of cold wave (yeah, the coldest one...), drone music, krautrock, lyricism...
This is why I love these two people and will always support their art of mixing, melting and transcending what's around and inside them.
Don't be afraid to dive into "Nowhere"... it will lead you where you need to be.


mardi 11 juillet 2017

mh.t046 - Borgesss - The Invisible Rope

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 As soon as the first chords resound, we are hooked... "Does god lie?" opens Borgesss's album with an incantatory tone, as if the artist wanted to hypnotize the listeners, and then the echo takes us into the other songs... and it's impossible to stop. The 6 tracks flow naturally, guitar + voice centered, in a peculiar atmosphere. This second creation by Paula Borges (Hanging Freud) is brilliant and simply beautiful. All songs are quite short, but they go straight into you! Every single sound has a role to play, the instruments and the voices are mixed in a perfect way, making "The Invisible Rope" the kind of work of art that should be known all over the world! The kind of album that one always wants to share with friends...
Difficult to say which track is our favourite, because they all have "a thing"... The opening track is mesmerizing, "Boredom" has this folk guitar riff that reminds us of My Bloody Valentine, "Fireworks" is scary in a certain way with this saturated bass haunting the song, "The Witch Grabs You By The Hand" has this 70s mood, the looped arpeggio on "Darkest Blue" melts with Paula's wonderful voice, and the closing track... "Wolf" brings a beautiful conclusion, draws us slowly out of the album, out of the dream...

 Dès les premiers accords, on est happé... "Does god lie?" ouvre l'album de Borgesss dans un ton incantatoire, comme si l'artiste voulait hypnotiser l'auditeur, et puis, l'écho nous emporte dans les autres titres... impossible de s'arrêter. Les 6 titres s'enchaînent naturellement, centrés sur la guitare et la voix, dans une atmosphère particulière. Cette deuxième création de Paula Borges (Hanging Freud) est brillante et tout simplement belle. Les chansons sont plutôt courtes, mais elles sont très directes! Le moindre son a un rôle à jouer, les instruments et les voix sont parfaitement mixés, faisant de "The Invisible Rope" une oeuvre d'art qui devrait être connue par tout le monde! Ce genre d'album que l'on veut constamment faire écouter aux amis... Difficle de dire quel est notre titre préféré, car ils ont tous un "truc"... Le titre d'ouverture est envoûtant, "Boredom"a ce riff de guitare folk qui rappelle My Bloody Valentine, "Fireworks" est effrayant en quelque sorte, avec cette basse saturée qui hante le morceau, "The With Grabs You By The Hand" a cette touche très seventies, l'arpège en boucle de "Darkest Blue" se mélange avec la merveilleuse voix de Paula, et le dernier titre... "Wolf" apporte une belle conclusion, en nous tirant doucement hors de l'album, hors du rêve...


mercredi 19 avril 2017

mh.t045 - ThOmas.W - E V I L

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For the first time, myhand.thanx is releasing a live recording! And it's a double release actually! On March 11th, 2017, ThOmas.W gave a particularly rare performance at Le17, an art gallery from Saint Etienne, France and the concert was recorded on video! So you can download either the audio files or the film! You will have a glimpse of the obscure atmosphere that surrounds the songs from ThOmas.W, and discover his very personal interpretation of The Cure "17 seconds". He almost plays "Long IS ThE Night" in its entirety plus a "brand new" song, "Ego + Influence" which is actually a song from his previous duet The Green Love Experiment, in a new version, with lyrics. 
Hope you will enjoy this not-so-ordinary release!

Pour la première fois, myhand.thanx publie un enregistrement live! Et c'est en fait une double sortie! Le 11 mars 2017, ThOmas.W a donné un rare concert au 17, une galerie d'art de Saint Etienne, France, et la performance a été filmée! Donc vous pouvez télécharger soit les fichiers audios, soit le film complet. Vous aurez un aperçu de cette atmosphère obscure qui entoure les chansons de ThOmas.W, et vous découvrirez son interprétation très personnelle de "17 seconds" de The Cure. Il joue la quasi totalité de "Long IS ThE Night" plus une "nouvelle" chanson, "Ego + Influence" qui est en réalité un titre de son précédent duo The Green Love Experiment", dans une nouvelle version, avec des paroles.
Nous espérons que cette sortie pas si ordinaire vous plaira!



lundi 13 mars 2017

mh.t044 - Hanging Freud - Anomalies

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Paula and Jonathan from Hangin Freud have always been faithful to myhand.thanx records since the beginning, when we release "Sunken" in 2010. So, it is with joy, pleasure and a certain pride that we release "Anomalies" today!
The follow-up of "Motherland" is an EP, which contains 4 tracks. More precisely, 2 tracks and 2 interludes. So, I like to believe it has to be listened to as a whole, as if you were reading a poem or a short story. The repetitive and tribal beats echo in our heads long after the first listening, the frontier between industrial music and natural sounds is blurred, and the voice melts into the music, thus creating an intense and intemporal (and to a certain extent, universal) message to the listener. The music is "hanginfreudian" in a most wonderful and inspiring way. But, in these dark times, in this decaying political world context, it resonates like never before. We feel the urge of communicating a message before it's too late... REFUSE...



mercredi 18 mai 2016

mh.t043 - Hangin Freud - Motherland

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A couple of years ago, we received a message from Paula and Jonathan a.k.a Hangin Freud, telling they were working on Sunken's follow-up, entitled Motherland. And then... silence...
Last autumn, they released No Body Allowed which is still available on myhand.thanx, here. The noisy, hypnotic and nightmarish mini-album was great, and we supposed it was Motherland, and that Hangin Freud had only changed the title...
But we were so wrong! A few weeks ago, a song surfaced on youtube, posted by Hangin Freud, called Boat. Motherland was coming! They distilled the first 3 songs of the mini-album, and each one was like an extraordinary gift to our ears. The 6 tracks are really profound, mixing traditional instruments and sounds with electric guitars. The voice and words of Paula are striking with emotion and kind of ominous vision of the world. Jonathan explained Motherland was above all Paula's artistic concept, based on her observations on Brazil.
Every single song is fraught with soundscapes, landscapes and stories that stay in mind: the repetitive guitar from Boat, like waves coming back and forth, the monsters from the Kingdom, creeping ineluctably, the voices from another time responding Paula's lyrics on Motherland, the rising angst coming from The South... Lost Children is probably our favourite from the album with the closing track Centuries, both have this paradoxical atmosphere, they're the kind of song that move you to tears, and at the same time, they make you want to dance... a sad but relieving dance...
Important to note that the album was mastered by Harris Newman at greymarketmastering in Canada, that the artwork was made by Alice Porto, and that cassettes made by Cryptic Caroussel are available via HF's bandcamp!

samedi 30 janvier 2016

mh.t042 - ThOmas.W - Long IS ThE Night

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Here it is! ThOmas.W's new album is finally out and available for a free downoad. "Long IS ThE Night" is the 7th release of ThOmas.W on our netlabel, and his 17th since he started his solo project. This brand new album is a trip into the artist's personal story, as he told us : "The last two years have been really intense, extreme joy, extreme pain, frustration and fulfillment, and sometimes, when things go wrong, you can't do anything else but write and compose." Indeed, "Long IS ThE Night" consists in 9 tracks, 9 ups and downs, that could happen to anybody. It's not a complaint, but a really matter-of-fact display of emotions. A distorted family ("siSSter" / "sMother" / 'feAther") meets a mysterious "V", a "guudboi" gets angrier and angrier but he finally cools down as "Elvis" and his new "Brothers" come into his life... and the noise goes on, and on...
Musically, ThOmas.W's bass is still the same, weaving melodies as the songs develop, the voice is omnipresent and reminds us of "bru:t". The drums appears as a new feature in his music, and gives it a much much lo-fi colour. As the artist call his music, it's "cold noise" with a twist of "lo(ve)-fi"... We agree, and we simply love it!
The artwork is based on a photograph by Pierre Boé.

Le voici! Le nouvel album de ThOmas.W est enfin là et téléchargeable gratuitement. "Long IS ThE Night" est la 7ème sortie de ThOmas.W sur notre netlabel, et sa 17ème depuis qu'il a débuté son projet solo. Ce tout nouvel album est un voyage dans l'histoire personnelle de l'artiste qui nous a dit : "Ces deux dernières années ont vraiment été intenses, joie extrême, douleur extrême, frustration et accoplissement, et parfois, quand les choses vont mal, on ne peut rien faire d'autre qu'écrire et composer." En effet, "Long IS ThE Night" est composé de 9 titres, 9 hauts et bas qui pourraient arriver à chacun d'entre nous. Il ne s'agit pas d'une complainte, simplement d'un récit émotionnel et rationnel. Une famille distordue ("siSSter" / "sMother" / 'feAther") rencontre une mystérieuse "V", un "guudboi" est de plus en plus en colère mais finit par se calmer lorsqu' "Elvis" et ses nouveaux "Brothers" entrent dans sa vie... et le bruit continue, encore et encore...
Musicalement, la basse de ThOmas.W est la même, tissant des mélodies au fil des chansons, la voix est omniprésente et nous rappelle "bru:t". la batterie apparaît comme un nouvel élément à part entière dans sa musique, et lui donne une coloration bien pus lo-fi. L'artiste appelle sa musique "cold noise" avec un soupçon de "lo(ve)-fi"... Nous sommes bien d'accord, et nous aimons ça!
L'artwork est basé sur une photographie de Pierre Boé.


mercredi 11 novembre 2015

mh.t041 - Hanging Freud - No Body Allowed

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Après de longues années d'attente, Hanging Freud nous revient avec un magnifique EP intitulé "No Body Allowed" et qui nous prend aux tripes! Le duo de Paula et Jonathan nous propose 7 titres hypnotiques, profonds et touchants. "PWM" nous plonge sans ménagement dans l'univers si particulier de "No Body Allowed", puis "Toadboy" et "It's time" nous confirment qu'Hanging Freud est définitivement un projet sans compromis, et que depuis "Sunken", sorti en 2009, leur musique radicale n'a pas pris une ride. Chaque titre sonne comme une injonction, une prémonition, une incantation. On est forcément embarqué, et les visions s'enchaînent. "Share the love" est désormais en boucle dans nos têtes, "Well, jump in" nous réveille en pleine nuit, comme un cauchemar dans lequel nous voudrions replonger immédiatement. "Porch" (qui était apparu il y a quelques temps sur le soundcloud du groupe) nous appaise, pour finalement laisser place a "Hand drop", final absolument fabuleux, au rythme entêtant, à l'atmosphère à la fois oppressante et aérienne, et cette voix...

After long years of waiting, Hanging Freud is back with a beautiful EP entitled "No Body allowed" that hits you in the guts! Paula and Jonathan's duet offers us 7 tracks that are hypnotic, deep and moving. "PWM" makes us dive without warning into this so particular world of "No Body Allowed", then "Toadboy" and "It's time" confirm the fact that Hanging Freud is definitely an uncompromised/uncompromising project, and that since "Sunken", released in 2009, their radicale music hasn't aged at all. Each tracks sounds like an injunction, a premonition, an incantation. We are taken away, and visions multiply. "Share the love" is now a loop in our heads, "Well, jump in" wakes us up in the middle of the night, like a nightmare in which we wish to dive back immediately. "Porch" (which surfaced some time ago on the band's soundcloud) calms us down, to finally give birth to "Hand drop", an absolutely marvellous finale, with an uplifting rhythm, an oppressing and aerial mood, and this voice...


Recorded and mixed in 2015
Paula - Songwriting, lyrics, voice, yamaha keyboard, piano, tape recorder, sampling, mixing
Jonathan - Electronics, production, arrangements