dimanche 18 décembre 2011

mh.t024 - Jeremy Gluck/Dave Fuglewicz/Noise Research - Visual EP

Here is a super great Xmas present for myhand.thanx records! We are so proud to count Jeremy Gluck as an mh.t artist! "Visual" is a collaboration with Dave Fuglewicz (who took part in the "Manifesto" EP, released last summer), and Noise Research (an experimental noise artist from the UK, see link below!).

"Sleepy Awake" is the central piece of this 3-track EP : a 16-minute experience that catches the ear and mind. The two mixes of "Visual" complete the EP with smartness. "Visual" EP is a clever mix of noise, electronics, collage and spoken word that is really worth discovering. Play it loud, and let yourself go!

Voici un superbe cadeau de Noël pour myhand.thanx records! Nous sommes vraiment fier de compter Jeremy Gluck parmi les artists mh.t! "Visual"est une collaboration avec Dave Fuglewicz (qui a participé à "Manifesto", publié l'été dernier) et Noise Research (un artiste experimental britannique, voir le lien plus bas!).
"Sleepy Awake" est la pièce centrale ce 3 titres : une expérience de 16 minutes qui attise l'oreille et l'esprit. Les deux mixes de "Visual" complètent brillamment cet EP. "Visual" EP est un savant mélange de noise, d'électronique, de collage et de spoken word qu'il faut absolument découvrir. Montez le volume, et laissez-vous aller!



"Visual" is the second major collaboration between Noise Research (UK), Dave Fuglewicz (USA)  and Jeremy Gluck (UK).

Visual (Vocal Mix): Words, vocals: Jeremy Gluck, sounds: Noise Research, sounds, production & mix: Dave Fuglewicz
Visual (Extended Instrumental Mix): Inspiration: Jeremy Gluck, sounds: Noise Research, sounds, production & mix: Dave Fuglewicz
Visual (Sleepy Awake Mix): sounds: Noise Research and Dave Fuglewicz, voice and words: Jeremy Gluck; mix: Noise Research

Dave Fuglewicz www.davefuglewicz.com/

mardi 19 juillet 2011

mh.t023 - Jeremy Gluck and Dave Fuglewicz - Manifesto (EP)

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Jeremy Gluck revient sur myhand.thanx avec un nouvel EP, "Manifesto" en collaboration avec Dave Fuglewicz. Les 3 mixes présents témoignent d'un travail du son radical, sans compromis. Sur sa collaboration avec Dave Fuglewicz, voici ce que Jeremy écrit (l'occasion aussi de (re)découvrir Tapegerm) :

Jeremy Gluck is back on myhand.thanx with a new EP, "Manifesto" in collaboration with Dave Fuglewicz. The 3 mixes consist in a radical, uncompromised work on sound. About his collaboration with Dave Fuglewicz, here is what Jeremy writes (at the same time, discover Tapegerm!) :

Dave Fuglewicz's Manifesto: Modesty and Mastery

I don't recall when exactly I joined Tapegerm, a loop collective now past its ten anniversary. It was about that time I was neck deep in mixing 'Div Joyvision', the album I made for and with Toronto spoken word ace Michael Dent and which comprised in the end mixes made from material provided by Tapegerm.

Having plundered Tapegerm for everything I needed, I turned finally to putting something back, in the form of spoken word recordings – grainy at best thanks to my poor equipment and technique – I archived and sent up to be shared amongst the many mixers.

The standard of work at Tapegerm is always high; artists such as Mental Anguish, Omnitechnomatrix and others cut the mustard with a machete. But it was one mix in particular that one day captivated me. “Sleep On the Edge”, a dispeptic reflection in what-for? Time, created by Dave Fuglewicz. Amidst the quality out of control across the 'germ, Atlanta-based boffin Dave's mix stood out, a raw, tilted and highly intuitive reading of my slanted, surly text.

So began years of collaboration, mix upon mix, bringing us lately to a trilogy, Saneworld, and a set of radical sound adventures with Dave in complete control: Manifesto. Working with Dave is a joy. As is the case with numbers of online electronica creators, Dave is mostly unsung but revered and treasured by a handful of fellow artists and aware aficionados. I can take little credit for the work we do together; my contribution is a trigger, but Dave does ninety per cent of the hard thinking and hard work, and without him I would not have done some of the most accomplished music of my zigzag career. Vision and precision ever his watchwords, meticulous in execution and with an empathy for my words that has unfolded with a natural and extraordinary ease, Dave's making of Manifesto is yet more evidence of a great artist lost in (cyber)space. Find him here now.


dimanche 15 mai 2011

mh.t022 - Jeremy Gluck - Love Is Awake In Me Like Water (EP)

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It is a real honour for myhand.thanx records to release this beautiful EP for two reasons : first, the tracks are awesome, strange collages, noisy bits added to melodies and cinematographic references. Second, Jeremy Gluck is part of a certain History of music that many of us listen of have listened to... He started his career with The Barracudas, whose album "Drop Out" is considered seminal. In 1986, he released his first solo album "I knew Buffalo Bill" with Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtrack. Goddess of rock Lydia Lunch covered his track "Burning Skulls Rise"... Jeremy also worked with Mick Harvey and Eric Debris. IN 2008, he released "Victim of Dreams."
Jeremy's work is now more focused on ambient / experimental music, spoken word and sound poetry, without forgetting or going too far away from rock'n'roll.
The "Love Is Awake In Me Like Water" EP confirms this artistic orientation. Gluck pays homage to Terence Malick's "The Thin Red Line" film about the Guadalcanal carnage. Mixes 1 and 2 are Jeremy's work on sounds, words, soundscapes and shapes. Mixes 3 and 4 are Slave Labour's remixes, and they're stunning, and groovy.
Hope you'll enjoy this EP as much as we do!

C'est un véritable honneur pour myhand.thanx records de sortir ce bel EP pour deux raisons : Premièrement, les morceaux sont de magnifiques et étranges collages, des parties bruitistes mélangées aux mélodies et aux références cinématographiques. Deuxièmement, Jeremy Gluck fait partie d'une certaine Histoire de la musique, musique que nombre d'entre nous écoute ou a écouté... Il a commencé sa carrière avec The Barracudas, dont le premier album Drop Out est considéré comme un album phare de la scène rock (70s-80s). En 1986, il sort son premier album solo "I knew Buffalo Bill" avec Nikki Sudden et Epic Soundtrack. La déesse du rock Lydia Lunch reprendra même son morceau "Burning Skulls Rise." Jeremy a également travaillé avec Mick Harvey et Eric Debris. En 2008, il sort "Victim of Dreams."
Le travail de Jeremy Gluck est aujourd'hui plus centré sur la musique ambient / expérimentale, le spoken word et la poésie sonore.
L'EP "Love Is Awake In Me Like Water" confirme bien cette orientation artistique. Jeremy rend hommage au film "La Ligne Rouge" de Terence Malick, à propos du carnage de Guadalcanal. Les morceaux 1 et 2 sont le fruit du travail de Gluck sur les mots, sons, les paysages et formes sonores. Les morceaux 3 et 4 sont des remixes de Slave Labour, étonnants et groovy!
Nous espérons que vous apprécierez cet EP autant que nous!


dimanche 13 février 2011

mh.t021 - Zoomonk - Milk Drops

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La 21ème sortie myhand.thanx nous vient de Finlande, avec ce duo de musique DIY electro rock formé en 2004. La particularité de cet album est qu'il n'y a pas d'ordre établi entre les morceaux, chacun étant libre de les écouter comme il le veut. Parmi nos préférés, "Cannibal" ou "Sympathy for the King of Thunder." Zoomonk nous propose des titres percutants, noisy à souhait, très orientés rock, à l'image de ses influences (Neu! Royal Trux ou Suicide).
A découvrir absolument!!!

Myhand.thanx's 21st release comes from Finland, with this DIY electro rock duo formed in 2004. The particularity is that there's no established order among the tracks and you can listen to the album the way you want to. Amongst our favourite, "Cannibal" or "Sympathy for the King of Thunder." Zoomonk creates smashing tracks, really noisy, very rock-oriented, like their influences (Neu! Royal Trux or Suicide).
A must listen!!!

mercredi 26 janvier 2011

mh.t020 - Mutant Beatniks - #7#8#9

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Here are 3 mixes from the Mutant Beatniks series! They're called "Resonance of Strong White Light," "Dark Noir of Fused Ember," and "Roj is Back in the Fold." "Resonance" and "Roj" are 12-minute mixes flirting with industrial noises, static, and ambient. "Dark Noir" takes us into a 16-minute trip into concrete (music), hardcore and fear... As usual, with the MB mixes, you just have to let go, and feel...

Voici 3 mixes de la série Mutant Beatniks! "Resonance of Strong White Light" and "Roj is Back in the Fold" sont des mixes de 12 minutes flirtant avec les bruits industriels, les parasites et l'ambient. "Dark Noir of Fused Ember" nous emmène dans un trip de 16 minutes dans le ciment, le hardcore et la peur... Comme d'habitude avec les mixes de MB, il suffit de se laisser aller, et de ressentir...