mercredi 17 juin 2015

mh.t039 - We Are All Slaves - You Must Be Stuck Into Some Complications

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We Are All Slaves is a really cool project by Filip Stojiljkovic, a Serbian experimental artist. He started this noise/dark/ambient project at the age of 17, using a laptop, toys a singstar microphone, making every unsettling noise he could. "Chaos" and "mayhem"are words he likes to use when talking about WAAS... Here, at myhand.thanx records, we have been struck by the nerve of this guy! the opening title "Fucked Up and Boring" is insane, raw and as noisy as can be! The following tracks are just like knives stabbing your ears, sometimes violently, some other times slowly... It's at the same time straightforward and insidious, and always uncompromising. The closing track is a 10-minute ode to Sylvia Likens, who died a painful death in the 60's. Knowing the facts, the track takes a deeper dimension, totally disturbing and also moving. WAAS is radical, experimental and paradoxical. Download it, experience it.


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