dimanche 25 novembre 2018

mh.t047 - Hanging Freud - Nowhere

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Myhand.thanx records were sleeping peacefully when they were suddenly awoken by an unknown buzzing noise... Unknown but also very familiar... "I know" opens Hanging Freud new album and the floor under your feet crumbles down... and you fall down, and down, and the album is like an endless jump into a comfortable darkness... Very oxymoronic, isn't it? It's what I said to Paula and Jonathan after listening to "Nowhere" it's dark and moving at the same time. Unknown and familiar. Scary and comforting. Electronic and organic.
I can't help thinking of some songs by My Bloody Valentine or Masfield.tya, but also of cold wave (yeah, the coldest one...), drone music, krautrock, lyricism...
This is why I love these two people and will always support their art of mixing, melting and transcending what's around and inside them.
Don't be afraid to dive into "Nowhere"... it will lead you where you need to be.


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